Arborwall is the only whole cedar home company able to offer northern white cedar harvested from sustainably harvested forests. And our manufacturing plant in Oakfield, Maine produces Arborwall homes using time-tested green practices.

Katahdin Forest Products, Arborwall's parent company, has found ways to utilize every bit of the northern white cedar logs that are used for building homes. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which rates this species of "least concern" on their Red List of Threatened Species™. Because it grows naturally and quickly, it requires no additional human intervention (fertilizer, pesticides) to reach harvest size.

Trees that don't make the higher grade standard for Arborwall homes are fashioned into fencing, cedar playground equipment and garden accessories. Bark is ground for garden mulch. Finally the sawdust created by the milling process is recycled in our on-site biomass boiler toprovide heat for mill buildings and finishing kilns. The 14-million-BTU biomass boiler has enabled the company to reduce fuel oil consumption by 90%.

We also have the ability to use culled potatoes from surrounding farms to ferment into ethanol to power mill vehicles at a projected 100 gallons per day.