Based in Oakfield, Maine, Arborwall is the natural evolution in modern home design by parent company, Katahdin Forest Products. Built on diversification and balance, Katahdin Forest Products and its divisions produce cedar log homes, cedar fencing, cedar home and garden accessories, cedar posts and rails, among other by-products from the milling process.

Arborwall has ready access to the finest northern white cedar timber available in New England with two sawmills positioned to process lumber close to the source of responsibly managed forests. This abundant supply and proximity enables Arborwall to offer competitive pricing for the cedar used in our homes.

The engineering and design that goes into an Arborwall solid cedar home is the culmination of 40 years of successful log home building through the Katahdin Cedar Log Home division, a leader in the log home industry. Innovative solutions, wise management and technological advances have all played a role Arborwall's development and refinement.

Our commitment and hard work are another two elements that comprise the Arborwall family - many employees have worked at the company for two to three decades. This provides a wealth of experience and knowledge base that is able to address and solve the challenges that arise with fresh ideas and new systems.

Finally, we at Arborwall want to thank you for your consideration and we look forward to designing your individual solid cedar home!