Arborwall is Energy Efficient.

Northern white cedar provides the highest insulation value of any wood species. In Arborwall solid cedar homes, rigid panel insulation applied to the interior forms continuously insulated mass walls, creating an exceptionally tight energy envelope. By contrast, stick framed construction creates spaces on the exterior walls between the studs, filling the gaps betweenw ith insulation. This method creates heat loss, calel thermal bridges, which allow energy to escape every 14-16 inches on every exterior wall. With Arborwall's solid Northern White Cedar construction and continuously insulated mass walls, the home retains heat in the winter and keeps in cool air during the summer.



Arborwall solid cedar homes provide a continuously insulated mass cedar wall with an uninterrupted layer of insulation applied to the interior. By contrast, stickbuilt or framed homes apply insulation in-between the studs on exterior walls to reach high R-factor requirements. However, the low R-factor studs themselves provide a channel for heat to travel through the wall, creating thermal bridges every 14 - 16 inches along every wall. Arborwall's continuously insulated mass wall system lowers energy costs by eliminating these thermal bridges, thereby creating a wall keeps the home heated in the winter and cool in the summer.



Arborwall's continuously insulated wall is constructed from the solid wall exterior toward the interior. A double layer of foilfaced Thermax™ rigid insulation is applied to the interior of the solid wall. Then, an insulating 3/4-inch layer of sealed air space is created by applying strips of strapping to the inside surface of the rigid insulation. The desired finished interior surface is attached to the strapping. Arborwall offers optional tongue and groove cedar, shaped to mimic the flat interior profile of the wall timbers; however, any interior surface can be used.



Arborwall uses technology and innovation refined over 40 years of home manufacturing to optimize the natural insulation of cedar. Eager to provide customers energy savings throughout the life of the home, Arborwall meets or exceeds modern energy efficiency standards set by the International Code Council (ICC). As a result of our experience, Arborwall solid cedar homes are comfortable to live in and easy to heat and cool.