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Northern White Cedar is at the heart of Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes. With its superior resistance to decay and insects, and naturally low moisture content, Northern White Cedar is one of the most stable, durable and long-lasting woods on earth, making it the perfect species to protect your home from the environment.



Northern White Cedar is at the heart of Arborwall. It grows abundantly in wide swathes of North America. A natural propogator that establishes easily in abandoned farmland, cedar is actually increasing its range in the wild, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which rates this species of "least concern" on their Red List of Threatened Species™. Because it grows naturally and quickly, it requires no additional human intervention (fertilizer, pesticides) to reach harvest size.



Northern White Cedar is a superior wood species for home construction. Naturally lower in moisture, Arborwall's cedar timbers are air dried to 15% moisture content and then placed in our biomass-fueled kiln until they reach an optimal average of 12%, a process that "pre-shrinks" the wood before the home is produced. Cedar's natural protective oils shield it in the wild from rot and insects, and that protection provides Arbrowall homes with the same benefits.



Northern White Cedar is also a natural insulator, with a cellular structure that provides the highest R-factor of any species used for construction: 1.41 per inch of thickness. Not only does the mass cedar wall provide superior strength and durability, but it also delivers a remarkably efficient base for which which to construct an exceptionally energy efficient wall.